Spare parts

When owning a Lotus Omega/Carlton it can be quite tricky to find the spare parts you need.
I’ll try and help my fellow LO/LC owners by listing the replacement parts I know of.

Please comment if you have questions regarding the spare parts.

One Comment

  1. LO-0488D 2011/03/11

    Hello :-) funny how after 10 years I jumped into your website :-)
    Where do you live in Denmark? or is it Malmo?
    Please check also allways being updated.
    My compliments for the very good pictures on the site.
    Please do contact me, I will be going within a couple of weeks again to Denmark, Copenhagen. Maybe I take my Lotus Omega No. 0488D. :-)
    If needed: I have new brakes available and new clutch plates as well! All on stock.