Lotus Omega Specs

Lotus Omega no. 0537D



3.6L Inline 6 24V Twin Turbo
Bore: 95.0mm
Stroke: 85mm
Displacement: 3.615 liters

New engine:
3.7L 24V Inline 6 Twin Turbo
Bore: 95.5mm
Stroke: 85mm
Displacement: 3.653 liters
Risse Motorsport reinforced Lotus Omega headgasket.
Custommade pistons by Ross Racing Pistons.
Original hardened crankshaft, balanced together with torsional vibration damper, flywheel and pressureplate.
Original connection rods.
Reinforced timing chains.
Cylinder head refurbed, portmatched and reworked combustion chamber.
2 Garrett T25 turbochargers (original).
Oilspray under pistons (original).
2 oilcoolers (Original).
Chargecooler with electric waterpump.
Magnecore KV85 competition ignition leads (8,5mm thick).
NGK Iridium sparkplugs.
3 original ignition coils (wasted spark).
Original fuelinjectors (New larger ones are planned, together with a remapping of the ECU).
Bailey dumpvalve.

6-speed gearbox from Chevrolet Corvette C4 ZR1.
Gearbox ratios: (Theoretical speed at 7.000 rpm with original wheel dimensions).
1st gear:  2,68   (91,83 Km/h)
2nd gear: 1,80 (136,72 Km/h)
3rd gear: 1,29 (190,77 Km/h)
4th gear: 1,00 (246,09 Km/h)
5th gear: 0,75 (328,13 Km/h)
6th gear: 0,50 (492,19 Km/h)
Reverse: 2,50   (98,44 Km/h)

Holden rear differential with 45% limited slip.
Ratio: 3,45

377 BHP @ 5.200 rpm.
568 Nm @ 4.200 rpm.
(402 Nm @ 2.000 rpm.)
(>500 Nm between 2.500 and 5.200 rpm.)

0-100 Km/h: 5.4 sec.
0-100-0 Km/h: 8.6 sec.
0-200 Km/h: 17.6 sec.
Q-mile: 13.5 sec. / 178 Km/h.
0-1000m: 24 sec. / 225 Km/h.
VMax: 286 Km/h (in 5th gear).
(2.000 rpm. in 6th gear: 155 Km/h).
(3.000 rpm. in 6th gear: 225 Km/h).


Curb weight: 1690 Kg
(Weight at test at Lotus: 1893 Kg with full tank and two men in the car).

Overall length: 4768mm
Overall width: 1812mm
Overall height (unladen): 1435mm

Wheelbase: 2730mm
Track width, front: 1488mm
Track width, rear: 1533mm

Original Lotus Omega/Carlton rims.
Front: 8.5×17
Rear: 9.5×17

Toyo Proxes T1-S
Front: 235/45ZR17
Rear: 265/40ZR17

Pneumatic self-nivelling rear dampers.
AP Racing brakes:
Front: 330 mm ventilated discs with 4-piston calipers.
Rear: 300 mm ventilated discs with 2-piston calipers.

I have removed the headlight wipers and the Opel sign on the bonnet.
The complete bodykit consisting of wheel arches, side skirts, doorpanels, front- and rear bumpers, rear spoiler, bonnet with vents and frontgrille are the orignal Lotus Omega/Carlton bodykit.
The aerodynamics on the regular Opel Omega/Vauxhall Carlton was pretty good, but this bodykit improved it further. Thanks to the quite effective rear spoiler, there’s zero Kg. lift on the rear of the car at high speeds.

Recaro interior with Connolly leather, alcantara and wooden trim.
4 x power windows.
Heated front seats.
Air Condition (Cools the glove compartment as well).
Power sunroof.
Sun blinds in rear window.
Power mirrors with heating.
Serial number on glove compartment (Limited Edition Lotus 0537).
Speedometer goes to 300 Km/h.