SOLD! Lotus Omega for sale


I’m considering selling my Lotus Omega 0537D
I have owned it since 2002, but haven’t used it much.
The car is swedish registrered, but now situated in Denmark, near Copenhagen.
It is from 1992 and has driven 142.000 Km.

Newly rebuild engine:
-C30SEJ engine block.
-All bearings are new.
-Cylinder head modified to Lotus Specs, and a bit better. The only difference between a C30SE(J) and C36GET head, is that the Lotus head has some material removed from the combustion chamber, to lower the compression. I have had this done, and removed sharp edges also. The head has been overhauled and the inlet manifold and inlet to the cylinder head has been port matched.
-Original camshafts (same in C30SE/C36GET).
-Original crankshaft (engine volume: 3,653 ccm).
-Original con-rods.
-Ross racing Pistons 0,5mm oversize.
-Risse Motorsport reinforced headgasket.
-Custom head studs.
-Upgraded timing chains.
-10mm ignition cables.
-New lambda sensors.
Pictures from the engine rebuild:

I still have the original engine block. It has cracks around the head bolt holes and has to have the surface welded and grinded.

It hasn’t been used for some years, so there are things that need to be fixed. The biggest repairs are:
-The chargecooler needs new internal parts.
-One small rust hole in each rear wheelhouse, up against the door.
-The tires are old.

-It has stainless steel pistons in the original AP Racing calipers.
-Original rims.

-The headlight wipers has been removed, but can be installed again (I still have them).
-The Opel badge on the bonnet has been removed.

Feel free to contact me, if you want to see the car or want more information.
Also don’t hesitate to ask, if there are specific parts you want pictures of. (I hope to take pictures underneeth the car very soon).

Daniel Slater
Copenhagen, Denmark








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