Gallery Update

I’ve uploaded some of the galleries from the old ‘’ site.
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Carsten’s Porsche Boxster S:

GRC Trackday at Ring Knutstorp:

Swedish Sportscar Meeting 2008:

Trackday at Sturup Raceway:

Car Meet 2011

New in the gallery are pictures from this years Car Meet at Funen.
Again this year was a great variety of cars,
from 3-rotor Mazda RX7, Toyota Supra Mk3 & Mk4 to ’64 Buick and Opel Kadett B with turbocharged 6-cylinder engine.

Have a look at the gallery, by clicking the pictures.

West Coast

Pictures from my vacation at the Danish west coast.
Including German Bunkers at Løkken, Rubjerg Knude Fyr (Lighthouse), the slipway at Lønstrup and the bell tower at Nørre Lyngby cemetery.

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German Bunker at Løkken

Rubjerg Knude Fyr

Nørre Lyngby Cemetary

Lotus Omega Links & Spare parts

I have added the Lotus Omega & Lotus Carlton related links I know of.
If you know of others, please comment or send me an e-mail.

I have also added a link in the Spare parts section: René from Holland supplies clutch discs and brakes.

Photoshoot in Malmo

Here are some non car-related photos from Malmö, Sweden.

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A couple of photos

I’ve just edited these two pictures from this summer.
They were taken half an hour after the first carwash in two years!

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Lotus Omega/Carlton spare parts

I have started a list of the Lotus Omega/Carlton spareparts I know of.

When owning a car like this, it can be quite difficult to trace some of the parts needed.
I have had a lot of help from the Autobahnstormers members and from fellow LO/LC owners from near and far.
With this list, I hope to give some back and help other LO/LC owners by pointing in the right direction.

The list can be viewed under ‘Lotus Omega’ in the top pages.

Malaysian F1 GP 2010

Photos from the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix at the Sepang Circuit.

Have a look at the Gallery.

Skyline R33 GTR – Mr. Hyde

Some pictures of a Dragrace build Nissan Skyline R33 GTR.

The pictures are from ‘Winter Nationals’ at Veidec Raceway in Malmö, Sweden.
Unfortunately the weather didn’t allow driving while I was there, so I didn’t see it in action this time.

Pictures at the Gallery.

Lotus Omega into hibernation

Now it’s time for my Lotus Omega to hibernate…
I really enjoyed the last drive of the season, with great weather and the beautiful colours of the season.

There will be a lot to do to the car during the winter period, so I’d better get started! :-)
Untill I post pictures of the winter projects, I hope you enjoy these.

See all of them in the Gallery.