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A couple of photos

I’ve just edited these two pictures from this summer.
They were taken half an hour after the first carwash in two years!

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Lotus Omega into hibernation

Now it’s time for my Lotus Omega to hibernate…
I really enjoyed the last drive of the season, with great weather and the beautiful colours of the season.

There will be a lot to do to the car during the winter period, so I’d better get started! :-)
Untill I post pictures of the winter projects, I hope you enjoy these.

See all of them in the Gallery.

Car Meet 2010

Saturday 28 september we were at a private event at Funen, Denmark, together with friends and fellow car enthusiasts.
We started the day of by cruising to ‘The Strojer Car Collection’ (Strøjer Samlingen).
In front of the Strojer Collection, the first thing that met my eyes was a couple of nice cars, parked by some visitors:
Porsche Carrera GT, Porsche 911 GT2, Porsche 911 Sport Classic (both 997) and a Mercedes CLK 63 AMG Black Edition!

When they left, the Carrera GT owner showed a bit off, by making some doughnuts. Great!

Enjoy my pictures in the Gallery under ‘Events’.